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C H L O E   A L E X I S

Hi There! I'm Chloe.

I'm a pink-haired single-mom to a beautiful little girl named Lidia Indigo. I love all types of arts and crafts, fancy decaf lattes, psychology and the mind, collecting unique antiques, and dancing my heart out!

But more than anything, I love to create beautiful images through photography!

I have always had such a great passion for creating. I see the beauty and art in everything and everywhere in everyday life. I can often be found glaring out the window daydreaming about how much I would love to shoot with those blossoming pink flowers, or on the front steps of that run down Victorian mansion. 


When I was a teenager I found I could create art through imagery, and this fascinated me. Modeling as a hobby  was something I loved to do for friends and fellow photographers. Photography was easy progression of that passion. Shoot after shoot my ideas went wild, concepts were never ending and I found myself constantly in a state of inspiration and never being able to get enough. I had to start doing it myself!

The first time I picked up a camera to attempt a photo shoot with a willing friend, I was absolutely hooked. I went on to spend the next few years upgrading my equipment, shooting family and friends, and learning as much about photography as I could, and eventually Chloe Alexis Photography was born!


I've learned that life is far too short and unexpected to not live everyday following your dreams

(and capture every moment along the way!). Chloe Alexis Photography is me, following mine.

I am so honored you've considered me to capture those amazing memories and special moments!

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